We are a collective of creative minds who combine a club experience with a live performance. Our music is a mix of techno, minimal and film music. We play with everything from both worlds: the newest dj equipment, colourful percussion, theatrical expression and imaginary compositions. 

Concert coming up:
Parkstad Limburg Theaters
16&17th 2017

Combined Creatives


As a co-founder and artistic director I create projects like Playground. Combined Creatives is a collaborative collection of creative minds – from musicians to filmmakers, designers to copywriters, photographers to directors – we strive to develop out-of-the-box concepts and make them reality. Calling upon a whole bunch of carefully-curated Creatives with different skills and talents who want to invest in their own ideas through collaboration with other like-minded artists, we dream of a platform of boundless creativity.

Welcome to the new world of collaborative creativity.
Welcome to Combined Creatives. 

Joey Roukens
Percussion Concerto

Performed at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ on March 31st, 2016.
Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Time and Space

A 70-minute experience in which I guide an audience through the exhibition by painter Marcel van Hoef. I chose five compositions that connect with the paintings which form a musical tour. 

Works for percussion 


Bernadeta Astari, soprano, Dana Zemtsov, viola, Dominique Vleeshouwers, percussion & concept

Roots is a collaboration between three award-winning soloists who, as their name suggests, are in search of something a little deeper. Hailing from different backgrounds, Bernadeta Astari (Indonesian), Dana Zemtsov (born in Mexico of Russian heritage and raised in the Netherlands ) and Dominique Vleeshouwers (Dutch) seek to glimpse into their respective cultural pasts, sharing these spectacular differences with one another and the listener alike. This unique combination of soprano, percussion and viola lends itself to a special program as diverse as the musicians themselves.

Next concert coming up: March 4th, 2018, De Doelen, Rotterdam. 


Cd- cover.jpg

Canto Ostinato

by Ivo Janssen & Mallet Collective Amsterdam

Child Soldier

In 2013 for my graduation project I combined music, film and fine art to tell the story of a child soldier. This project is the reason why Vincent van Kekerix and I started our company Combined Creatives. 


This is the trailer of a late-night chamber music series Combined Creatives developed in 2014. Targeting on a young audience, we subtitled it: "social gatherings, powered by music".  It was an occasion where people gathered for a chat, a drink and a small concert before heading off to the next event. 

Ensemble Judique 

In 2012 I founded Ensemble Judique. The programs I developed were always created out of a story. From the story I chose the music. Here are two trailers, one is a children's concert entitled 'The Little Juan' which is about a young boy juggling on a market in Argentina. The other trailer is called 'Por Favor', a story about a young violinist growing up in a very classical culture. After a concert she meets an Argentinian man in a bar.